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A convenient and effective way to save money on your cooling costs is through AC maintenance in Wills Point, TX, from Stellar Air Heating and Cooling. It's one of the many ways we save our customers time and money. Preventative air conditioning maintenance is also extremely cost-effective thanks to the many long-term benefits associated with regular tune-ups.

What Is AC Maintenance?

Air conditioning maintenance refers to the steps taken to keep your home's cooling system running efficiently and functioning as intended. There are some things you can do to keep your cooling system in tip-top condition, such as changing the filter as recommended. Professional maintenance provided by an experienced AC contractor from Stellar Air goes even further by looking at all the key parts and components that need to work well to keep your home cool.

A Look at Our AC Maintenance Plan

AC cleaning is just one part of our comprehensive maintenance plan. It's a thorough process provided in a way that keeps your cooling system doing what it's supposed to do for as long as possible. Our maintenance plans and programs address a wide range of needs, along with one's specific to the cooling system you use in your home.

Our AC preventive maintenance plan comes with appealing perks and benefits that include:

  • Same-day and 24/7 service
  • Service discounts
  • 25-point AC tune-ups
  • Preferential scheduling
  • An extended 3-year parts and labor warranty

The Importance of Maintenance

Minimizing the need for emergency or costly AC repair is one of the many reasons why heating and air maintenance is so important. Routine maintenance is also what maximizes the life of the mechanical systems you use to keep your indoor living spaces comfortable. Preventative maintenance also makes it easier to identify and deal with smaller issues earlier, which contributes to even more savings for you.

A Guide to the AC Maintenance Checklist

Our certified local technicians perform thorough inspections when checking your air conditioner or cooling system. In addition to addressing any specific concerns you may have about how your cooling unit is performing, our AC maintenance technician  typically includes the following steps:

  • Checking refrigerant levels and looking for any leaks
  • Inspecting inside and outside components
  • Checking and tightening connections
  • Looking at the filter and seeing if it needs changes
  • Lubricating all essential moving parts
  • Checking thermostat settings

Here’s Why Locals Rely on Stellar Air Heating and Cooling

  • More than 20 years in business
  • Reasonable rates
  • Friendly, knowledgeable technicians
  • Family-owned and -operated
  • On-time arrivals for scheduled appointments
  • Honest and beneficial service recommendations

Benefit from Our Maintenance Plans Today

If you have any questions about our maintenance plans and programs, our team at Stellar Air Heating and Cooling will gladly answer your questions. We're just as happy to get you set up with a plan that works for your needs and fits into your budget. Get in touch with us today by calling us or filling out the form.

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