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It's not unusual for homeowners in Texas to have a "forced air" furnace that provides added warmth in winter. If this is what you rely on when it's cooler in this part of Texas, Stellar Air Heating and Cooling is your top local source for furnace repair and replacement in Richardson, TX.

Prioritize Furnace Solutions

Not all furnace-related issues mean furnace replacement is the best option. Still, it's advisable to address even fairly minor problems affecting your home's heating system as soon as possible. Issues that can affect any furnace at one time or another include:

  • A broken heat exchanger and other mechanical problems
  • Issues with hot/warm air distribution
  • Thermostat irregularities or concerns
  • Blower or limit switch issues

Why Choose Furnaces

Furnaces play an important role in sending warm air throughout your home when it's needed and preferred. Plus, when a gas or electric furnace system is properly installed and maintained over the years, it can be a smart, long-term investment. This is even more likely to be the case if you take advantage of our full range of furnace services.

Why Heat Pumps Are An Option

While furnace installation is common in the Richardson area, there are times when homeowners prefer a heat pump. These devices are important because they work well in the climate that's common in the region, and they can effectively and efficiently cool and warm your home all year round.

How You Benefit

Working with a top furnace company like Stellar Air is beneficial in many ways. First, expert service means any issues with your furnace will be accurately and fully diagnosed and addressed. You'll also benefit from professional advice if you're deciding between repair and replacement – or if you're updating your furnace or having a new one installed. Lastly, you'll get the added peace of mind of knowing your home will be nice and comfy when days get cooler in the Lone Star State.

Our furnace services are coupled with:

  • Rates that won't stretch your budget
  • On-time appointment arrivals
  • Family-owned and -operated
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Maintenance service options that save you money and time
  • Free new installation estimates

When Furnace Repair Is Needed

We recommend calling Stellar Air at the first indication of a furnace-related problem. Because the signs that often suggest it's time to do this aren't always obvious, it can be helpful to know what kind of warning signs to look out for. The more common indications you likely need furnace repair in Richardson, TX, are:

  • A sudden reduction in heated air coming out of your vents
  • A furnace that won't turn on at all
  • Lack of heated air throughout your home or in certain areas
  • Bad smells or odd sounds
  • Higher operation costs
  • A reduction in indoor air quality when your furnace is on

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