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While often not given much thought, the air inside your home plays an important role in your indoor comfort throughout the year. If you're noticing any issues with your indoor air quality in Plano, TX, reach out to the experts from Stellar Air Heating and Cooling to learn more about the options, services, products, and solutions we offer.

A Full Range of Indoor Air Quality Services

There's certainly much to love about being outdoors in this part of the Lone Star State. However, on average, most Americans spend nearly 90 percent of their lives indoors. This is why it's important to call our indoor air quality experts if you have any concerns. Services we offer to address IAQ issues include:

  • Routine AC and Heating maintenance
  • Single-room and whole-house purification or filtration systems
  • IAQ testing and monitoring
  • Duct cleaning and similar services that improve IAQ

How Indoor Air Quality Tests Help

Typically a combination of specialized testing and a visual inspection of the systems in your home that circulate air, indoor air quality testing is what's done to identify specific IAQ issues. Depending on what the results show, we may recommend certain products or systems to improve air quality. In some situations, monitors or detectors may be needed if there are concerns about radon or carbon monoxide.

The Benefits of Our Indoor Air Quality Services

A properly installed air purification system can make a noticeable difference for anyone in your household. Finding the right IAQ solutions also boosts your peace of mind. It's also easier to manage allergy symptoms and respiratory conditions when indoor air quality is better. Your heating and cooling system also works more efficiently when IAQ is managed properly.

The Different Types of Indoor Air Quality Systems

Fortunately, there are many ways to address indoor air quality concerns, which makes it easier to find an option suitable for your needs. With products that improve IAQ, you can go with an air filtration system for your entire home or standalone units for specific rooms. Some other types of indoor air quality systems available today include:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lights
  • Whole-home dehumidifiers and humidifiers
  • Air purification systems
  • Electronic air cleaners

Some homeowners also benefit from the higher-quality central furnace filters. These filters are capable of capturing more airborne contaminants than standard filters, which is also good for your heating and cooling system.

Common Issues Affecting Indoor Air Quality

We address anything that can affect the quality of the air in your home. This list includes pet dander, dust mites, allergens, and potentially harmful impurities from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other sources. We also invite you to contact Stellar Air if the air in your home is contributing to or affected by:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Headaches and fatigue that are not associated with anything else
  • Lingering household odors
  • An increase in allergy or asthma symptoms when indoors
  • Poor AC and Heating system performance

Why Stellar Air?

Trust us for all air quality needs, as well as duct sterilization, duct sanitation, and more. Expect:

  • Affordable, fully disclosed pricing
  • Two-plus decades of local experience
  • Family-owned and -operated
  • Personalized, money-saving service recommendations

Call Our IAQ Service Experts Today

Find out for sure what's going on with the air inside your home by contacting Stellar Air Heating and Cooling. One way to get started is with IAQ testing. You can then decide what solutions are appropriate for your home and budget based on the results and the recommendations of our AC and heating company. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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