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Your home's ducts do a lot of work when it comes to circulating air throughout your indoor living spaces. They also play a role in the quality of your indoor air and the performance of your AC and Heating system. Keep your ducts doing what they're supposed to do by making Stellar Air Heating and Cooling your first choice for duct repair and cleaning in Plano, TX.

Top-Quality Duct Repair and Cleaning Service

Whether you're calling us about thorough cleaning or duct repair in Plano, TX, expect the job to be done right. Our contractors inspect residential ductwork as part of the cleaning and repair process. We're just as meticulous with the cleaning and repair process. Regardless of what kind of attention your ducts needs, you'll appreciate working with our team.

The Importance of Maintaining Air Ducts

While often not given much thought, air ducts are like any other component of your heating and cooling system in that regular maintenance is required. Maintaining the ductwork in your home also benefits you by improving your home's indoor air quality. Cleaned and properly maintained air ducts also circulate heated or cooled air more effectively, less need for ductwork repair and lower heating and cooling costs.

Do Your Air Ducts Need Our Services? Check for:

  • Visible debris and dust around air vents
  • Mold and mildew issues in your home
  • Unpleasant or lingering indoor air odors
  • Indoor surfaces become dusty fairly quickly
  • Your heating or cooling system is running more often
  • You can't recall the last time your ducts were cleaned or checked

At the very least, it's a good idea to give us a call if you're noticing any of the signs we ran through above. Many homeowners benefit from professional cleaning of their ductwork once or twice a year. However, there are times when we recommend duct replacement, repair, or improvement. This is often an appropriate solution if the following circumstances apply:

  • Your ducts are leaking or damaged in other ways
  • The issues with your ductwork are fairly widespread
  • Your air ducts were incorrectly installed or sized for your home
  • You wish to extend ductwork to places currently lacking duct access

We Are Certified

What makes Stellar Air a top choice for duct installation, repair, and cleaning in the local area? The top reasons include:

  • We are NCI Certified
  • We offer custom built options based on your needs and budget
  • Our affordable, honest pricing
  • We're a family-owned and -operated company top-rated by many of our satisfied customers

Call Today to Schedule a Duct Inspection

Don't let air duct concerns linger. Stellar Air Heating and Cooling is the AC and heating company to turn to when your ducts need work in Plano, TX. We'll get you started with an initial inspection to determine what services are suitable for your needs.

Need duct cleaning or a related service? Call today to schedule an appointment and one of our technicians will soon be on the way.

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Treat yourself to fast, reliable service from the premier air conditioning contractor in Garland, TX, and nearby areas. Stellar Air is also the company you can count on for transparent pricing and careful attention to every detail. Contact us today to get a detailed estimate or second opinion on a new installation, or to schedule an appointment.