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The Number One Choice for Heating Repair and Maintenance in Murphy, TX


It's much easier to stay comfortable during the cooler months of the year when you know who to turn to for heating repair and maintenance in Murphy, TX. We're happy to let you know Stellar Air Heating and Cooling has all your heating service needs covered. What's more, our highly trained and experienced technicians repair and maintain all types of home heating systems.

Heating Issues You May Encounter

Our AC and heating company has fully stocked trucks and everything required to address any issues that may be affecting heating systems. The common issues we diagnose and address include:

  • Blocked or dirty filters
  • Wiring issues
  • Air circulation problems
  • Damaged, worn, or faulty mechanical parts
  • Pilot light or electric ignition problems
  • Fan or blower damage

Any heating system whether it's a furnace, boiler, or heat pump, benefits from the expertise of a professional. If you're calling us about repairs, expert local service means the problem will be accurately determined. In turn, this means repairs can be made. Professional service also keeps manufacturer's warranties valid, which contributes to more savings for you.

Signs Heating Repair Are Necessary

It's best to call a trusted heating company like Stellar Air at the first sign of a problem affecting your preferred source of home heat. Telltale signs suggesting it's time to contact our certified technicians for heating repair in Murphy, TX, include:

  • Higher heating-related bills
  • Uneven heating throughout your home
  • Need to turn your system up higher
  • Poor air quality in your home
  • Unusual cycle patterns
  • Strange noises or smells

Accurately pinpointing the problem is the first step we take with heating replacement and repair. We also look at connecting and related parts to determine the full extent of the issue. Next, we explain what needs to be fixed and discuss the available options. Repairs are then made with top-quality parts. Our services may also involve:

  • Changing the filter
  • Addressing related ductwork issues
  • Taking care of any thermostat problems
  • Tightening loose connections

In some situations, it may be better to consider a new heating installation rather than have repairs made. This is more likely to be the case if your system is older, no longer efficient, or requires increasingly frequent repairs. If this is the right option for you, we'll give you a free new installation estimate.

Let Stellar Air Heating and Cooling Work on Your System

  • We guarantee 5 star service
  • Our rates are always reasonable
  • We arrive promptly for all appointments and service requests
  • Our maintenance options add up to much-appreciated savings over time
  • It's easy to schedule your appointment

Reach Out to Our Team

In addition to repair and replacement, Stellar Air Heating and Cooling is your dependable source for a whole range of heating maintenance. No matter how small or big the problem may be, rest assured we'll leave you with a fully functioning system that's ready to use when temperatures dip. Call us today to schedule service in Murphy, TX, or to get more information about our maintenance plans.

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Treat yourself to fast, reliable service from the premier air conditioning contractor in Garland, TX, and nearby areas. Stellar Air is also the company you can count on for transparent pricing and careful attention to every detail. Contact us today to get a detailed estimate or second opinion on a new installation, or to schedule an appointment.