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Specializing in Furnace Repair and Replacement in Murphy, TX


Some furnace problems are fairly minor, but this isn't always the case. This is why it's best to call on a trusted family-owned and -operated business like Stellar Air Heating and Cooling if you have any concerns that require furnace repair and replacement. Our certified technicians repair and replace all types of furnaces, including gas and electric models.

Spot the Warning Signs

We welcome your call if you have any concerns about your furnace. We also encourage you to take this step if you're noticing signs or indications that something isn't right about how your furnace is operating. Contact us for furnace repair in Murphy, TX, whenever you are noticing:

  • Odd or persistent furnace odors
  • Odd sounds as your furnace is running
  • Inadequate warmth or heating in your home
  • Unusual cycling patterns
  • Reduced indoor air quality

Issues Requiring Furnace Solutions

Many issues can contribute to the need for furnace replacement. These typically include faulty, worn, loose, or damaged mechanical parts and general wear and use related to age and regular use. Furnaces can also be significantly affected by a cracked heat exchange, limit switch malfunctions, or a worn or damaged blower belt.

Our heating service options include standard furnace services and ones that address issues affecting heat pumps. Both of these heating system options are important and beneficial for many in the local area.

Furnaces are important because they are consistently reliable and highly effective for the heating needs of many homeowners in Texas. Since a furnace system uses the same ducts as a whole-home air conditioner, it's also a convenient way to enjoy properly distributed heat.

Heat pumps have grown in popularity in recent years, especially in places where winters tend to be milder. Another appealing benefit of a heat pump is being able to enjoy year-round comfort since heat pumps cool and heat.

Benefits of Professional Furnace Work

Hiring an experienced furnace company for any of the related services you need gives you extra peace of mind. This comes from knowing the problem has been properly identified and addressed. Professional service also benefits you by giving you access to useful insights and recommendations with new installations or if replacing your current unit is what's best for your needs.

Count on Our Experts

  • More than 20 years of local experience
  • Competitive, budget-pleasing prices
  • Free estimates with new installations
  • Maintenance plans that extend the life of your furnace
  • Timely, detail-oriented service

Call Our Team Today

Make Stellar Air Heating and Cooling your preferred company to receive prompt, A+ service in Murphy, TX. If all that's needed is a good cleaning or filter change, we'll let you know. Should there be a need for furnace installation, we'll make these processes as cost-effective and beneficial as possible as well. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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Treat yourself to fast, reliable service from the premier air conditioning contractor in Garland, TX, and nearby areas. Stellar Air is also the company you can count on for transparent pricing and careful attention to every detail. Contact us today to get a detailed estimate or second opinion on a new installation, or to schedule an appointment.